Our Teachers

Adrianne Wallace,        Teacher & Director
A love of the natural world...

My early years were full of stories, drawing and painting, imaginative play, building with natural "found" objects, music and singing.  As a child in the Gallatin Valley, I had the chance to explore the natural world out my front door, creating my own adventures and stories as I went. 
I strongly believe in developing children's senses of place and allowing them to apply their inherent sense of wonder and magnificent imaginations to the world in nature. 

A focus on education...

After traveling in my 20's, I came back to Montana to begin my own family.  Through my experiences with my son's preschools, I began to integrate facets of Waldorf education into my parenting.  and strongly influenced the course of my degree program at MSU.

I completed my undergraduate degree in 2005,  focusing on the development of the human spirit in higher education.  It is so exciting to me to carry my passion for combining the educational process with personal meaning into the magical realm of early childhood.

Currently, I am enrolled in the Kentahten School to receive certification with the Alliance of Waldorf Schools to teach Kindergarten through 5th grade.  This unique school integrates Waldorf curriculum with Common Core standards beautifully and I am so excited to be able to bring Waldorf education back to Bozeman.
Awards & Memberships
As a member of the Natural Teachers Network and the Montana Environmental Educators Association (MEEA), I have the opportunity to network with a vast population of amazing educators.  I was so honored to receive the 2013 MEEA "Sense of Wonder" award and am so happy to bring my own sense of wonder to the young children of Bozeman. 
Please Visit the Montana Environmental Educators Association Site

Ravi Inder                                                   
Radiant Child Yoga Teacher                        
Teaching yoga to children is a joyful and rewarding task.  It is so beautiful to watch children become aware of their breath and their bodies, and then learn how to use yoga and meditation to bring themselves into balance.  In 2009 I completed Levels 1 & 2 of the Radiant Child Yoga Program with Shakta Khalsa.  Weaving together stories, games, and songs into the yoga practice brings it alive for young children.  My own experience as a mother of two bright and energetic boys coupled with my experiences as an assistant in both Waldorf and Montessori classrooms brings insight into the way children learn and grow.  I look forward to sharing Radiant Child Yoga with your child!