Parent Quotes

"We're so grateful for the work you do and love you share with Merry Hearts!"

"What a gift to have you in our children's lives!  Thank you for giving our children your honesty, grace and love!"

"I’m very grateful for all the wonderful experiences you've given (our son).
He has gotten to do/see things in a way that most kids these days do
not and I'm so grateful he had the opportunity.  I think you've planted a deep seed of appreciation for nature in him and I hope it continues to grow throughout his life."

"Adrianne is a highly educated and competent business owner.  She is very professional, clear in her expectations of parents and children in her program, and has a very clear vision of her business and it's purpose.  Further, she runs an award-winning program like no other I have seen.  I was an assistant teacher in a preschool in Seattle and also worked as a nanny with young children and I have never seen anything quite like Merry Hearts Play Circle.  It is a highly sought-after type of program for parents of young children who value outdoor play, nature, quality food options for their children, and well-rounded child development."

“I know we talked about it the other day, but I wanted to say again - in no uncertain terms - how very excited we are to have (our son) joining the crew at Merry Hearts.   Cheers to you and the space you've created for children to grow!”

"My daughter went to Merry Hearts from 2011-2012. My husband and I were drawn to the home-like environment (safe and comforting), nurturing and loving educational philosophy, healthy food and wide range of activities the kids would experience.  We always knew our daughter was safe and loved and really enjoyed hearing all about her day at each pick up. The kids always had colorful new experiences to share and Adrianne took time to let us know all the details of the day (which we so appreciated!).  We also enjoyed the sense of community that was built during our time there. Adrianne is full of life and has so much to share with the Merry Hearts kids. We are forever grateful for her hard work and dedication to the next generation!"