Welcome In!

Merry Hearts Play Circle offers a 2 classes in the Bozeman area for children ages 2 1/2 -6. The Dandelion class is for children ages 2.5-4 and the Snapdragons class is for children ages 4-6. Children between 2.5 and 3 years old are encouraged to enroll in our Half Day Option. Children enrolling in the Kindergarten program (ages 5-6) will attend for the full day.

With a distinct focus on time spent in nature, we do frequent morning adventures in safe, natural areas.  

At Merry Hearts, we engage fully in the imaginative world of our  children, encouraging them to explore their world and themselves through creative expression, teaching practical life skills in meaningful ways.  At Merry Hearts, we use simply structured daily, weekly and seasonal rhythms.

I believe that children are instinctively masterful learners and that, next to being outdoors, an indoor environment that fosters imagination, exploration and expression with open-ended toys and materials and space is the simplest and best way to support the growth of the whole child.

In a homey indoor setting and a child-friendly outdoor setting, you can be sure that your child's growth and development will be gently approached and deeply cared for.  I encourage your family involvement and invite you to join us on our exploratory adventures in the field, forest and town.  

If you would like to become involved with Merry Hearts without enrolling your child, you are invited to apply for parent-accompanied opportunities.